What we

would like to


The sterilization they made was illegal – it was a violation of our human rights.
No one knows exactly how many Roma women in Slovakia and Czech Republic were sterilized illegally, just like us.

Some of us have been litigating our cases before courts for many years and have reached justice only before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, but courts cannot guarantee justice for all injured women.

That is why we call governments of Slovakia and the Czech Republic:

  • to set up an independent body to properly investigate the practice of illegal sterilization of Roma women;
  • to apologize to Roma women who have been illegally sterilized and to compensate them accordingly;
  • to take steps to ensure that sterilizations of Roma women will never happen again and Roma women in hospitals are not humiliated and discriminated against.

We ask for justice for all illegally sterilized women. We want the whole world to know what has happened to us, and that cases of illegal sterilizations will be effectively and thoroughly investigated. We believe that our daughters and other women will never be illegally sterilized in a future.

So that no woman in Slovakia and the Czech Republic will ever be humiliated and will not experience what we did.

Have a look at Ingrid’s story – one of the forcibly sterilized women